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Water Purifiers >> Protex Water Purifier

Protex Water Purifier

Protex Water Purifier

Designed to reduce average levels of Free Chlorine to no more than .003ppm, the "safe" level for aquatic life, and remove Pesticides, Insecticides, VOCs, reduce Chloramine, THMs etc. and minimise commonly encountered levels of "Heavy Metals".

With similar, but slightly better contaminant removal characteristics than the KP1, the "Protex" offers Up to 30,000 UK gallons @ 1gpm.

3 x 10" pods, housing a 10 micron nominal sediment/activated carbon pre-filter, the "Protex" carbon (housing 2) and "Short Travel" carbon
(housing 3).

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
PTEX1PPROTEX Purifier£171.50 Add to Cart
PTEXPCPROTEX Purifier+Chlornomore£184.00 Add to Cart
PC04PROTEX Cartridge Set - 3 Cartridges£53.00 Add to Cart
PC05PROTEX Cartridge Set w/Chlornomore Cartridge - 3 Cartridges£65.50 Add to Cart