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Red Devil Pumps

The Red Devil Pumps are Small and very efficient, worthy of consideration.

The Red Devil is a revolutionary pump has been designed for money saving operation because of its low energy usage. The Red Devil is excellent in combination with BubbleBead filters, but can also be used with other Beadfilters.

The Red Devil Pump is in the same class as other pumps on the market that consume 500 watts per hour, the Red Devil, at a mere 127 Watts is more economical than other low-energy pumps.

The range of Red Devil pumps are notable for their frugal power consumption and extremely low running costs. In spite of their impressive outputs they are remarkably efficient in their use of electricity, making them first choice for the economically and environmentally conscious.

Red Devil pumps are solidly contructed and the silicon carbide bearings have a lifetime guarantee. The rest of the pump carries a 3 year warranty with the option of extending to 5 years.

Red Devil Pumps also run quietly and are suited to either submersible use or mounting externally in a dry site.

The magnetic drive assembly has no mechanical seals to wear out, and cut-out protection is provided should the rotor ever be obstructed. Chemically resilient construction materials mean that Red Devil pumps can be used in fresh or salt water, chlorinated water, and water that is mixed with air or ozone.


GphInletOutletWattageMax Head

Red Devil 4.5 Pump 1000 gph 48 Watt


40 mm

25 mm

48 watt

2.3 m

Red Devil 6.5 Pump 1450 gph 65 Watt


40 mm


65 watt

4.0 m

Red Devil 8.2 Pump 1850 gph 75 Watt


40 mm

32 mm

75 watt

4.1 m

Red Devil 10 Pump 2250 gph 98 Watt


40 mm

32 mm

98 watt

4.0 m

Red Devil 12.5 Pump 2750 gph 112 Watt

2750 40 mm 40 mm 112 watt

3.8 m

Red Devil 14 Pump 3100 gph 127 Watt

3100 50 mm 40 mm 127 watt

4.0 m

Red Devil 17 Pump 3700 gph 155 Watt

3700 63 mm 40 mm 155 watt

4.5 m

The Red devil pump housing is completely sealed which means that the pump can be used both above and under water.

The Red Devil Pump cannot rust and as a result, can even be used to pump salt water. The propellers of the Red Devil pump have are manufactured out of titanium, Also for industrial use, it is capable of pumping acid or base water, making this pump a high-quality option.

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
RED4.5Red Devil 4.5 Pump 1000 gph 48 Watt£395.00 Add to Cart
RED6.5Red Devil 6.5 Pump 1450 gph 65 Watt£450.00 Add to Cart
RED8.2Red Devil 8.2 Pump 1850 gph 75 Watt£525.00 Add to Cart
RED10Red Devil 10 Pump 2250 gph 98 Watt£555.00 Add to Cart
RED12.5Red Devil 12.5 Pump 2750 gph 112 Watt£595.00 Add to Cart
RED14Red Devil 14 Pump 3100 gph 127 Watt£675.00 Add to Cart
RED17Red Devil 17 Pump 3700 gph 155 Watt£775.00 Add to Cart

Red Devil II Titanium Pump

Red Devil II Titanium Pump

TheRed Devil II Titanium serial pumps are unique through their extremely energy saving performances. The low power consumption in combination with a very positive pump characteristic are not not reached by others. This way the Red Devil saves energy, the environment and especially your wallet. There are two versions of the Red Devil. The Red Devil I (not controlable/AC) and the Red Devil II Titanium (Adjustable/DC).

The Red Devil pump is the first really energy saving pump which doesnt use normal electro motors. Also the so called “Eco”-pumps, save only energy by size down the head of water.

Applications of the Red Devil II Titanium

The Red Devil pumps are perfectly useable in every possible application in which you have to transport water with or without a head of water like waterfalls, multichamber filters, BubbleBead. It is a great alternative for pressure pumps which use typicaly twice as much energy. These result'sare achieved by using a magnet motor for the Red Devil I and a Brushless DC motor for the Red Devil II.

Red Devil II Titanium

Red Devil II Titanium (BrushLess DC technology)

The latest innovation is the Red Devil II. This is a pump with a motor base of sinus steered sign wave Brushless DC technology. That sounds very difficult but simply said is, the technology to reach a motor efficiency of 94.6%. This also is the most energy saving driving technique.

Due to the technique of an Brushless DC motor it is possible to control your motor with variable speed to suit your requirements.

A Brushless DC motor is a direct voltage motor which is fed by an external electronic control. In this electronic unit the alternating current is transferred in to direct voltage. The pump is fully adjustable between 10% and 100%. The use of power input of the motor and water output are parallel in this way. When you only want to use 50% of the output the motor also only takes 50% of his power input. When you use an AC motor this is impossible.

A big advantage of a Brushless DC motor is the way in which the electronic are processed. Pumps which can be used under water mostly have the electronics sealed in the motor. When there are some problems with the electronics the whole motor has to be replaced. The Red Devil II electronics are in a separate command console.

Red Devil II Titanium Pump and Control UnitSaving of energy

The Brushless DC motors have an efficiency over 90%, while normal electrical motors have an efficiency of approximately 45-50%. This can be seen on the enormous energy saving. The Red Devil II Titanium can be used in Dry or under water, with the silicium carbid bearings the Red Devils are whisper silent even after years of service .

Quality control

For quality control and optimalising of the efficiency, technical high estimated equipment is used. For definitive inspection of the pumps a very exact test bench is used. Only by constant testing it is possible to reach an high standard. The pumps are being tested on characteristics like water output and the use of energy.


Max Gph/lphInletOutletWattsMax Head

Red Devil II 240 watt with Variable external electronics

4850 / 22.8

63 mm

63 mm

30 - 300

6 m

Red Devil II 240 watt with Variable internal electronics

4850 / 22.8

63 mm

63 mm

30 - 300

6 m

Red Devil II 350 watt with Variable external electronics

5500 / 24.5

63 mm

40 mm

40 - 400

8 m

Red Devil II 1500 watt with Variable external electronics

11000 / 50

75 mm

63 mm

170 -1700

13 m

Pump characteristic

A Brushless DC motor is standard adjustable between 10-100%. In fact this means that The Red Devil II Titanium has a three dimensional pump characteristic. After all, every adjustment has a different characteristic.

Brushless DC technique

Red Devil II pumps use Brushless DC sine wave motors. This is the most energy efficient technique on the planet! It has a motor efficiency of more than 94% ! Normal electro motors have a efficiency of 45-50 %

The energy consumption / R.P.M. is totally variable from 10% to 100%. When reducing the R.P.M., the energy consumption will decrease accordingly.

Example: 60% less R.P.M. means 60% less energy consumption. Because of the Brushless DC technique, these pumps do not produce much heat which makes them perfect for dry applications. The control electronics are housed in a separate unit.

Red Devil II pump Applications:

Given the fact that these pumps are suited for dry and wet use makes them extremely versatile for all kinds of applications: ponds, swimming pools, (marine) aquaria, industrial, etc. Saving energy is and becomes more and more important. A nice example of using the Red Devil II pumps is for bead filter system. In filter mode, a low R.P.M. position can be used to save energy for 99,9% of the time! Only during backwash the full power of the pump will be used for a effective backwash procedure.

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
RD150Red Devil II Titanium Pump 4850 gph 30-240 Watt (External Control)£675.00 Add to Cart
RD151Red Devil II Titanium Pump 4850 gph 30-240 Watt (Internal Control)£750.00 Add to Cart
RD160Red Devil II Titanium Pump 5500 gph 40-350 Watt (External Control)£1275.00 Add to Cart
RD180Red Devil II Titanium Pump 11000 gph 170-1500 Watt (External Control)£1700.00 Add to Cart