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AlfagrogWhat is Alfagrog

Alfagrog is a porous foamed ceramic material, which is lightweight, strong and inert.
It's high surface area makes it the natural choice for colonisation by micro-organisms in biological filtration systems resulting in cleaner water.

Benefits of Alfagrog over other filter media:

  • Extremely high surface area
  • Highly porous
  • Inert, pH neutral
  • Lightweight
  • Available worldwide
  • Economical
  • Available in 15kg sacks

The Alfagrog range of porous ceramic filter media is made under controlled conditions.UK.

Selected clays and raw materials are rapidly sintered at high temperature to produce a foamed ceramic porous mass, which is crushed and sieved to a convenient particle size.

Alfagrog is available in a wide range of sizes giving the end user optimum media surface area in varying water flow rates.

The manufacturing process ensures that no substances are present to adversely affect the health of fish or plants. The material is pH neutral and can be used in both freshwater and marine applications.

Why is Alfagrog so effective

The key to effective biological filtration is choosing media with the highest surface area possible to allow beneficial bacteria to colonise and remove waste from the water. Alfagrog has an extremely high surface area by volume compared with other types of filter media on the market.

Alfagrog is very inert and soon colonises with beneficial bacteria. Alfagrog is made of a highly porous material that contains many thousands of tiny pockets in which bacteria can thrive making in an ideal material for biological filters

Its only draw back - sharp on the hands when cleaning ... so please wear gloves..
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