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Pond Lighting >> Oase LunAqua Power LED XL 4000

Oase LunAqua Power LED XL 4000

Oase LunAqua Power LED XL 4000

These powerful Oase LunAqua Power LED XL 4000 Spotlights are suitable for both outdoor and underwater use and provide perfect illumination for every lighting situation. These high quality, high intensity LED spotlights are available in 2 different colour temperatures; 3000K which produces a bright warm white, and 4000K which emits an intense, crisp cold white light. Each colour temperature is available in a choice of 4 different beam angles; Narrow Spot, Spot, Flood or Wide Flood to enable adaptation to individual lighting requirements.

Backed by a 2+1 Year Guarantee the LunAqua Power LED Spotlights feature excellent thermal management along with high quality LED lamps for a life expectancy of 50,000 hours plus. Thanks to Oase underwater connection technology the Power LED XL Spotlights, Power LED Drivers and Extension Cables are all suitable for underwater use to a depth of 4m with a protection class of IP68.

The Lights are supplied pre-wired with a 5m power cable and require connection to a LunAqua Power LED Driver 30w (available separately). Each Driver can support up to 2 LunAqua Power LED XL Spotlights and optional 10m Extension Cables (available separately) can be used to extend the reach if required with the maximum cable length between driver and light fixture should not exceed 45m.

The LunAqua Power LED XL 4000 and LunAqua Power LED Spotlights can be powered via the same Driver to achieve one of the following flexible installation configurations: 2 x Oase LunAqua Power LED, 1 x Oase LunAqua Power LED XL and 2 x Oase LunAqua Power LED or 4 x Oase LunAqua Power LED. If desired the innovative Oase InScenio FM-Master EGC Home/Cloud provides the ability to control the Oase Spotlights with a smart phone or tablet via WiFi.

Narrow Spot - has the smallest beam angle at 10 degrees. This powerful spotlight is ideal for focused illumination or long range distance lighting.

Spot - has a larger beam angle of 15 degrees and provides a good all-round spotlight, perfect for illuminating ponds and gardens where a bright lighting effect is required.

Flood - offers a impressive spread of light with a beam angle of 30 degrees. The Flood model is ideal for lighting large outdoor areas as well as the underwater illumination of large ponds.

Wide Flood -has the widest beam angle in the range at 45 degrees. This LED light is ideal for illuminating vast areas of garden and pond areas below the water surface.

Oase LunAqua Power LED XL 4000 Features:

  • Perfect illumination for every lighting situation
  • Choose from 2 different colour temperatures and 4 selectable beam angles
  • Flexible, extensible system that is suited for installation underwater and above water
  • Permanent safe underwater operation, thanks underwater connection technology and 24V Driver
  • Excellent thermal management and high quality assure LED power for over 50,000 light hours
  • Safe operation of the spotlights through 24V DC low voltage, also in swim ponds
  • Spotlights, drivers and cable suitable for underwater use to a depth of 4 m (protection class IP 68)
  • Included in the scope of delivery - 1 spotlight with 5m cable and 1 ground stake
  • Accessories additionally required - LunAqua Power LED driver 30w

Oase LunAqua Power LED XL 4000 LunAqua Specifications:

  • 15W Power Usage
  • Up to 1350 Lumens
  • IP68 Rated
  • Underwater Depth: 4m

Guarantee (+ request guarantee) Years 2 + 1

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
51969Oase LunAqua Power LED XL 4000 Flood£219.99 Add to Cart
51970Oase LunAqua Power LED XL 4000 Narrow Spot£219.99 Add to Cart
51971Oase LunAqua Power LED XL 4000 Spot£219.99 Add to Cart
51978Oase LunAqua Power LED XL 4000 Wide Flood£219.99 Add to Cart
57821Oase LunAqua Power LED Driver 30 W£169.99 Add to Cart
45236Spare Oase LunAqua Power LED Driver with 20 m Cable£199.99 Add to Cart