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Floating Pond Skimmer

Floating Pond Skimmer

The floating skimmer slides directly over a 160 -110 mm reducer and can than be connected to the pump or filter via a 110 mm tank connector through the pond wall.

The Floating Pond skimmer helps clean the pond surface of all dirt particles. As the skimmer floats it is suitable for most pond depths and self adjusts to changes in the water level.

  • Height 280 mm
  • Diameter 160mm
  • To fit 110 mm Pipe
Item # Description Price Add to Cart
SK201Floating Pond Skimmer (to fit 110 mm Pipe)£49.95 Add to Cart
SK2011Floating Surface Skimmer with basket (200mm Dia and fits 110mm pipe)£59.95 Add to Cart