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Superfish Pond Skim 2000

Superfish Pond Skim 2000 Keep your pond looking clean and beautiful with Superfish Pond Skim 2000. The Superfish Pond Skim 2000 has been designed to keep the surface of your pond clean and free from floating debris such as dust, dirt, leaves and algae.

To use, simply place the Pond Skim 2000 in the pond, where it will float on the surface of the water, and plug the power cable into a socket outlet. The Pond Skim 2000 will move around, over the surface of the pond, vacuuming up water.

The filter basket will collect coarse debris whilst fine dirt and particles will be collected in the foam sponge. Both the filter basket and foam sponge can be removed quickly and easily for cleaning.

The simple and effective device comes with a 10m power cable and easy to follow User Manual. The Superfish Pond Skim 2000 is suitable for ponds up to 25m², has a pump capacity of 2,000 litres per hour, low power consumption (25 Watt) and is backed up with a 2 year warranty. The Superfish Pond Skim has a recommended retail price of £64.99.

  • Floats in the pond and sucks dirt such as leaves, dust and algae from the water surface for a clear and healthy pond.
  • Easy to clean by removing the collection basket
  • Low power consumption (25W)
  • Pump capacity 2000 litres per hour
  • Suitable for ponds up to 25m2
  • 2 year warranty