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Fujiyama Koi Food

Fujiyama Koi FoodFujiyama is composed of all natural ingredients to keeping healthy koi. The all-natural food contains no artificial coloring agents.

This koi food is produced by the same Japanese manufacturer as Medicarp, Nobori, Yamato Nishiki and Sakura.

Fujiyama is composed of top quality fish meal, especially tasty for Koi.

Fujiyama is easily digestible and the pellets have the right size to easily be eaten by the Koi.

Fujiyama is manufactured in Japan and is a floating pellet type, the koi food retains its shape and the water will not cloud like some in the market place!

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein: Min. 35% Crude Fat: Min. 5% Crude Fiber: Max. 3%
Ash: Max. 10% Moisture: Max. 10%

Ingredienten: Ingredients: Fish meal, tofu, corn, wheat, rice husks, wheat chaff, vitamins, minerals.

Floating pallets; Strong growth in koi, Very tasty
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KF041Fujiyama Koi Food Medium Pellet 5 kg£34.95 Add to Cart
KF042Fujiyama Koi Food Large Pellet 5 kg£34.95 Add to Cart
KF039Fujiyama Koi Food Medium Pellet 10 kg£49.95 Add to Cart
KF040Fujiyama Koi Food Large Pellet 10 kg£49.95 Add to Cart