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Pond Lighting >> Oase Lunaqua 10 Bulbs

Oase Lunaqua 10 Bulbs

Oase Lunaqua 10 Bulbs

Oase Lunaqua 10 Bulbs for submerged and above the water surface.

The Oase Lunaqua 10 special feature is the robust connector technology. The power cables of various lengths are equipped with special connectors that connect easily to the light housing or to the transformer housing.

Please Note: The Oase Lunaqua 10 is a modular system, you must purchase the transformer which is 150 watts, you then select up to 4 light units and 4 bulbs up to a max of 150 watt.

Cable is purchased separately to suit your requirements in 2.5m, 5.0m or 7.5m lengths.

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
54035Oase Lunaqua 10 Halogen Bulb 35 Watt£7.99 Add to Cart
54037Oase Lunaqua 10 Halogen Bulb 75 Watt£7.99 Add to Cart