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Sander Freshskim 200 and 300 Protein Skimmers  PDF File for Sander Freshskim 200  and 300 Protein Skimmers

Sander Freshskim 200  and 300 Protein Skimmers

These new Sander Freshskim Protein Skimmers have been specifically designed for optimum performance in Koi ponds and represent the ultimate in Ozone system efficiency. The Sander Freshskim Protein Skimmers are positive pressure systems, where Ozone is blown into the units under pressure via a suitable air pump and delivered to special air stones incorporated into the Sander Freshskim units.

Valves control the air input volume and the foam level in the reactor, to ensure optimum mixing of Ozone and water. Sander Freshskim Protein Skimmers also incorporate waste air outlets so that any residual Ozone can be safely vented to atmosphere. Suitable for use with all Ozone generators.

Whilst relatively expensive compared to other protein skimmers listed, the Sander Freshskim Protein Skimmers are more sophisticated technology and such is the efficiency of these units that much smaller Ozone generators can be specified, and an Ozone requirement of 200mg / 1000 gallons will still provide superb results, as very little of the Ozone produced is wasted.

Ozone systems provide the ultimate weapon in the koi keeper's armoury in the constant fight against disease and the struggle to maintain superb water quality.

We have seen many advancements in koi system filtration in recent years – new filters, new media, Bio UVs, new probiotic filter products all designed to improve water quality and filtration and thereby ultimately koi health.

None of these however comes close to delivering the benefits of Ozone systems, the advantages of which have long been recognised by the marine fraternity and like so many other great ideas, only now being introduced in to the koi world.

Sander Freshskim 200 is 200mm dia x 1800mm high. Recommended air flow 20-35 litres/min. Water flow 500 - 1000 galls/ hour. Suggested Ozone requirement Up to 7gm

Sander Freshskim 300 is 300mm dia x 2100mm high. Recommended air flow 80 litres/min. Water flow 1500 galls/hour. Suggested Ozone requirement Up to 12gm

The Sander Freshskim 200 and Sander Freshskim 300 are simple to install and to maintain and are undoubtedly one of the best ranges of freshwater protein skimmers available today.

For our koi ponds, in order to dose the pond water with the correct amount of Ozone we have to install an Ozone generator and a method of introducing the Ozone into the water in order to achieve the correct level of disinfection. We then have to remove the Ozone from the water before it returns to the pond in order to prevent it coming into contact directly with our koi which could have lethal consequences.

This is achieved by passing air or Oxygen through an electronic ‘gizmo’ that generates Ozone by passing a high voltage electrical discharge through the air flow. The Ozone thus created is then drawn into a Sander Freshskim skimmer or Ozone reactor especially designed for the purpose via a venturi or blown into the reactor via special air stones and into the water flow which passes through the protein skimmer. When the Ozone comes into contact with the water it quickly ‘burns’ off polluting organic material and breaks down back into Oxygen.

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
SFS200Sander Fresh Skim 200 Protein skimmer£1395.00 Add to Cart
SFS300Sander Fresh Skim 300 Protein skimmer£3795.00 Add to Cart
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