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Fluid Bed

Fluid Bed

Biological Fluid Bed Filters

The ability of Fluid Bed filters to biological cater for extremely high level fish loads has been well documented, as have the wear and short life problems encountered by some companies producing such devices back in the year 2000.

Only now in 2007 after considerable field and laboratory research can Cloverleaf offer the very best in FB’s – assisted greatly by the unique specification of silica sand used, and which is known to offer superior bacteria colonisation than that achieved by coral sand and other common types.

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
M25Fluidised Bed Type M25 for ponds up to 2500 gals.£175.00 Add to Cart
M70Fluidised Bed Type M70 for ponds up to 7000 gals.£230.00 Add to Cart
M25PFluidised Bed Type M25P for ponds up to 2500 gals.£230.00 Add to Cart
M70PFluidised Bed Type M70P for ponds up to 7000 gals.£265.00 Add to Cart