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Japanese Ornaments >> Granite Ornaments >> Tachi-gata (up to 90 cm)

Tachi-gata (up to 90 cm)

Tachi-gata (up to 90 cm)


Rankei style lantern 300/450/600mm diameter, usually sited to overlook the waters edge to create beautiful reflected image in the water, offset base with square curved lantern support, lantern base, hexagonal lantern with diagonal lattice work, roof piece and cap.

Not drilled for electric cable.

Tachi-gata (Pedestal type on base with upright or curved pillar)

This Japanese granite garden furniture, provides not only a useful and attractive feature in your garden, it can last a lifetime with no painting or re-treating required. This granite furniture will last as long as your garden and look just as good as the day you bought it.

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
1002075Kakudai Kaku 75 cm Height£235.00 Add to Cart
1002090Kakudai Kaku 90 cm Height£435.00 Add to Cart
3002090Kauji 90 cm Height£550.00 Add to Cart
3502030Rankei 30 cm Dia x 58 cm Height£195.00 Add to Cart
3502045Rankei 45 cm Dia x 75 cm Height£350.00 Add to Cart
3502060Rankei 60 cm Dia x 95 cm Height£650.00 Add to Cart