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Stuart Turner Isis Pumps

Stuart Turner Isis PumpsStuart Turner Pumps are guaranteed for two years, the Stuart Turner Isis range of pond pumps and feature pumps are built to the highest standards and are designed to run cost efficiently 24 hours a day, with minimal maintenance.

Stuart Turner Pumps have 6 different sizes to chose from, whether you want to create a small indoor display, a spectacular fountain or waterfall or purely and simply keep your pond fresh and clear, you're sure to find the right pump within this Stuart Turner Pumps range...

A pump's performance is measured in how many gallons per hour (gph) it can pump, coupled with the maximum height above the surface in feet (head) to which it has to push the water. That's why it is important to consider what the Stuart Turner Pump will be powering - i.e fountain, waterfall, filtration or a combination of either these possibilities.

Stuart Turner Isis Pump 1400, 1900, 3300, 3400 Models

Stuart Turner Isis Pump will make an impressive fountain or waterfall and can also be used to drive a filter system.

Stuart Turner Isis Pumps come as standard with a pre-filter and the automatic models which are fitted with float switches which gives protection against low water levels and avoids the pump running dry.

The Stuart Turner Isis Submersible Pond Pump is ideal for Koi ponds, filtration systems, fountains and waterfalls. It requires little maintenance and is whisper quiet.
Models 1400, 1900, 3300 and 3400A are fitted with a large pre-filter which protects pond life and prolongs the period between cleaning.

Stuart Turner Isis Pump Models 1400 up to the 3400A are capable of handling suspended solids up to 10mm in size, come with an adjustable suction grate and can be laid horizontally or stood vertically.

Stuart Turner Isis Pumps 1850ADW and 3150ADW

Both dirty water pumps, the 1850 and 3150, are fitted with a float switch as standard.

They are ideal for ponds with larger gravity fed filter systems where the pump can be incorporated in the filter, or in ponds, which would benefit from the pumps vortex impellor design, which means it has the capacity to handle suspended solids up to 20mm diameter.

All Stuart Turner Isis Pump models offer thermal overload protection, stepped hose connector, continuously rated, low maintenance and a two-year guarantee. The DW models offer the same plus open vane vortex impellor design.