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Pond Pumps >> Oase Pumps >> Oase Aquamax Gravity Eco (OASE Optimax Pump)

Oase Aquamax Gravity Eco (OASE Optimax Pump)

Oase Aquamax Gravity Eco (OASE Optimax Pump)

Oase Aquamax Gravity Eco Pond Pumps

The Oase Aquamax Gravity Eco Pump range are without doubt the most efficient and frugal pumps on the market today and are fantastically cheap to run. With all new electronically controlled electric motors and clever impellor design, nothing comes even close in terms of providing efficiency in terms of moving water.

2,200 gallons per hour for 65 watts !!

Staggering performance and with all the usual Oase benefits, 5 year warranty, very quiet and reliable. Supplied with 2" inlet and 2" outlet, 10 meters of cable, stainless steel strainer and demountable base. Can be installed wet or dry. Only suitable as filter pumps when using 2" return piping and little or no head.

Unique, economical gravity filter pump, optimal for use in koi ponds and swimming ponds. Energy efficient pump with increased flow capacity. A new hydraulic concept ensures high circulation volumes. Oase Aquamax Gravity Eco pumps have been developed to optimally meet the requirements placed on filtration pumps for koi ponds with Integrated dry-run protection.

The Oase Aquamax Gravity Eco pumps are a economic gravitation filter pump. Very low wattage, Can be dry mounted. Has integrated, intelligent dry run protection “GSR” (Gravity-Self- Regulator).Support foot is removable. New hydraulic servo technology motor.

These Oase Aquamax Gravity Eco pumps come with a 3 year warranty which can be extended to 5 years simply by returning the warranty card to Oase. Ideal pump for Nexus Eazy 200 or Nexus Eazy 300 Filters.

ModelWattageMax FlowMax Head
Oase Aquamax Gravity Eco 10000 65 watt 10000 lph 1.3 m
Oase Aquamax Gravity Eco 15000 85 watt 15000 lph 1.8 m
Oase Aquamax Gravity Eco 20000 120 watt 20000 lph 2.2 m
Item # Description Price Add to Cart
57091Oase Aquamax Gravity Eco 10000 (OASE Optimax 10000)£379.95 Add to Cart
57092Oase Aquamax Gravity Eco 15000 (OASE Optimax 15000)£494.95 Add to Cart
57093Oase Aquamax Gravity Eco 20000 (OASE Optimax 20000)£609.95 Add to Cart