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Hikari Staple Koi Food

Hikari Staple Koi Food

Hikari Staple Koi Food is an economical daily diet for Koi and other Pond Fish providing complete and balanced nutrition to promote desirable growth and development. Hikari Staple Koi Food is a floating, complete diet which will not cloud your water and contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Hikari Staple Koi Food promotes consistent growth and improves resistance to disease. Available in Medium and Large Pellet.

Hikari Staple Koi Food is ideal for daily use. Hikari Staple Koi Food contains valuable nutrient complex for vitality & healthy fish.

Hikari Staple Koi food is high in stabilized vitamin C, Hikari Staple Koi Food promotes resistance to stress and immunity to infectious disease. Hikari Staple can be easily portioned and since it stays on the water surface, the Koi fish can easily eat as much as they want to.

Hikari Staple reduces water quality problems and Hikari Staple Koi food is available in three pellet sizes, including the mini, which is perfectly suited for small koi

Hikari Staple Koi food Typical Analysis:

Crude ProteinCrude FatCrude FiberMoistureCrude Ash
min. 35% min. 3% max. 5% max. 10% max. 12%
Item # Description Price Add to Cart
4901Hikari Staple 500 g Mini Pellet£8.99 Add to Cart
4905Hikari Staple 500 g Medium Pellet£8.99 Add to Cart
4902Hikari Staple 2 kg Mini Pellet£19.99 Add to Cart
4906Hikari Staple 2 kg Medium Pellet£19.99 Add to Cart
4909Hikari Staple 2 kg Large Pellet£19.99 Add to Cart
49061Hikari Staple 5 kg Medium Pellet£38.99 Add to Cart
4910Hikari Staple 5 kg Large Pellet£38.99 Add to Cart
49071Hikari Staple 10 kg Medium Pellet£69.99 Add to Cart
49111Hikari Staple 10 kg Large Pellet£69.99 Add to Cart