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Pond Pumps >> Oase Drainage Pumps >> Oase ProMax ClearDrain 7000 Drainage Pump

Oase ProMax ClearDrain 7000 Drainage Pump

Oase ProMax ClearDrain 7000 Drainage Pump
Oase ClearDrain Drainage 7000 pumps are designed for pumping unwanted water from cellars, basements etc or for use in emergency flood situations and flood prevention.

Oase ClearDrain Drainage 7000 can drain water down to very low levels, down to 1mm depth in fact, also known as puddle sucking or shallow-priming, thanks to a special base adapter with bayonet fitting.

The Oase Promax ClearDrain 7000 users automatic sensors are used to switch the pump on once water reaches a particular level depth.

When the water is drained to below the set sensor level the
Oase ClearDrain Drainage 7000 will switch off again or you can drain all the way down to as little as 1mm depth.

The distinctive design features a robust stainless steel housing and the pump's compact configuration means that they can be submersed into a very small sump area, minimum sump size of 20 x 20cm.

The position of the outlet being at the top of the
Oase ClearDrain Drainage 7000 pump also means that water flows through the motor when in use, providing effective cooling and therefore leading to longer service life.

Oase ClearDrain Drainage 7000 is capable of pumping clear to slightly murky water, they have a solids handling capability of up to 5mm particle size.

Oase ClearDrain Drainage 7000 at a glance.

  • Adjustable and removable handle
  • Water float sensor included with a large contact area
  • Fits shafts from 20 x 20cm
  • Flow Rate: 7000 l/h
  • Delivery head: 7m
  • Maximum Pressure: 0.7bar
  • Power Consumption: 400w
  • Rated Voltage: 230v / 50Hz
  • Maximum Immersion Depth: 7m
  • Maximum Grain Size: 5mm
  • Shallow Suction to 1mm
  • Automatic function: Float switch
  • Pump Outlet: 41.9mm

Oase ClearDrain Drainage 7000 Dimensions:

  • Height: 35cm (14ins)
  • Width: 20cm (8ins)
  • Depth: 19cm (7½ins)
  • Weight: 4.7kg (10½lbs)
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