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Oase InScenio FM Master WLAN

Oase InScenio FM Master WLANAt Last the Oase InScenio FM-Master WLAN, control your Oase Products via WLAN!

Today, many electrical devices can be switched on or off via remote control, and if they can be electronically regulated, they can even be dimmed. This is particularly helpful in the garden if greater distances are involved. The OASE InScenio power outlets offer the possibility of connecting up to 4 devices simultaneously and controlling them via remote control.

Innovative highlight of the OASE InScenio power management family, can be controlled via WiFi with your tablet or smart phone using iOS or Android.

Simply download the app from the Apple Store or via Google Play and get started, with 4 power outlets: 3 can be switched on and off, in addition 1 is dimmable and each power outlet can be controlled over 24 hours with integrated timer

In addition, up to 10 remote-controlled OASE devices can be integrated and controlled via the app. All-year round use with spray water resistant power outlets
Ground stake guarantees secure anchoring in the ground

WLAN connection technology

At last, you can easily, conveniently, and quickly read out and regulate the capacity information of your garden devices. And you can do it with a range of up to 80 m (with unobstructed signal transmission).

The innovative InScenio FM-Master WLAN controller at the touch of a button reducers or increases the flow of the pump, as the rpm of the pump is reduced so is the wattage usage.

Pumps include the full range of Oase Aquamax Eco Premium 4000 up to the 20000 and the Oase Aquamax Dry 6000 up to the 16000.

Also as well as the 4 x WLAN outlets, a additional 5 th outlet which can be used with the Oase Aquamax Eco Titanium 30000 Pump, Eco Titanium 50000 Pump, also the Aquamax Eco Expert 21000 and Oase Aquamax Eco Expert 26000 Pumps, you will need the OASE DMX Cable which is not supplied, which will feed back real time power usage data and performance curve information.

Oase InScenio Master WLAN Features:

  • Power Management using your Wi-Fi Tablet or Smartphone
  • Downloadable App via the Apple or Google Play Store
  • 4 Power Outlets
  • All 4 can be Wirelessly turned On or Off
  • 1 Power Outlet can be used with a Dimmable function
  • Up to 10 Remote-Controlled OASE Devices can be integrated and controlled via the app
  • Hand-held Transmitter Range (433 MHz): 80 Metres
  • WLAN-range (2.4 GHz): 60 Metres

The Oase FM-Master WLAN is supplied with a ground stake is included for easy installation without digging and secure anchoring in the ground, and to be on the safe side, the InScenio spash guard cover protects the electronic parts from splashing water. In addition, with the optional InScenio Rock cover the InScenio can be ideally integrated in the garden world.
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