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Pond Filtration >> Cloverleaf CL Filters >> Cloverleaf CL 4 ADTEC Professional with PSS

Cloverleaf CL 4 ADTEC Professional with PSS

Cloverleaf CL 4 ADTEC Professional with PSS

Introducing the ADTEC Professional CL with PSS (Particle Separation System)

Incorporation of the PSS advanced technology into the CL Professional range has meant a far greater increase in filter efficiency to the degree that maximum pond capacity ratings can be increased by 100% beyond the standard CL range.

The key design concept of the PSS is to trap and remove suspended particles and solids from the water which would typically flow straight through many vortex bays and thus pollute any biological media. This is especially the case with small diameter vortex units which are not the ultimate in efficiency.

In brief then the PSS can be classified as a highly refined vortex unit, which of course means that any existing filter or bays require far less maintenance this also meaning a greater biological bed is established.

Trapping of particles and solids is achieved via Cloverleaf’s uniquely designed and manufactured long life Particle Separation Media (PSM) which is retained in suspension at all times. When the PSM (media) becomes blocked it is time for it to be cleaned via the airstone ring, however any blockage which is visually indicated by water flowing up through the central overflow does not substantially reduce the flow rate through the rest of any filter system so general flow rates/performance are never greatly restricted. Biological integrity of the PSM (media) is always fully maintained in that it is always ONLY ever cleaned via oxygen rich mature pond water.

Please note air pump’s are not supplied as part of the PSS,

Size 1600 x 1600 x 1200mm high.

Suitable for Koi ponds up to 10,000 gallons (45,000 litres), or Goldfish ponds up to 20,000 gallons (90,000 litres).

As standard this system is supplied without a lid, and without any filtration mediums - thus giving the pondkeeper full flexibility in choice.

A CL4 Optional Media Kit is available at extra cost including Brushes, Jap-Mat, Foam & Aquarock. General description as for "CL2" & "CL3" filters.

Note:- Pipe inlet size 160mm (6") - Outlet 100mm (4").

The site installation of the CL4 model is unique to the range, in that pressures on the casing welds brought about by the weight of water (approx 1 ton per bay without media) requires that the unit needs to be placed on a firm level concrete base, and partially encased in concrete to provide lasting stability and a long life. This applies regardless of whether the unit is pump or gravity fed, and the attached diagram illustrates the basics of what needs to be achieved. Should any further technical clarity be required do not hesitate to contact the us.

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
CL4ASCloverleaf CL 4 ADTEC Professional with PSS (10000 gallons)£1995.00 Add to Cart
CL4MEDCloverleaf CL 4 Professional Filter System Media Kit£535.00 Add to Cart
TTLIDCloverleaf CL 4 Professional Filter System Single Chamber Lid£59.95 Add to Cart
CLPACloverleaf CL234 & Genesis Professional Filter Pump Fed Adaptor Kit£47.95 Add to Cart