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Water Testing >> Hanna Meters >> Hanna Dissolved Oxygen Meter with Galvanic Probe (Oxycheck)

Hanna Dissolved Oxygen Meter with Galvanic Probe (Oxycheck)  PDF File for Hanna Dissolved Oxygen Meter with Galvanic Probe (Oxycheck)

Hanna Dissolved Oxygen Meter with Galvanic Probe (Oxycheck)

HI 9147-04 DO Meter (with a 4 m cable) are specially designed for aquaculture applications. This unit is unique among our family of DO meters in that it comes with a galvanic probe.

The Hanna HI9147 dissolved oxygen meter is designed for use in the fish farming industry and features a galvanic type of dissolved oxygen probe. Unlike polarographic probes, galvanic probes require no conditioning time. When you need to measure multiple samples in a given period of time, pick it up and measure immediately and on demand.

The meter is equipped with automatic temperature compensation plus user adjustable altitude and salinity compensations for the most accurate measurements.

HI 9147 is a must have for DO sensitive organisms or high bio-load environments:-

  • Designed specifically for aquaculture
  • Backlit LCD
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Automatic salinity compensation
  • Water-resistant
  • Can be fitted with optional rubber holster for even greater protection

The HI-9147 is supplied with a HI76409/4 dissolved oxygen galvanic probe fitted with a 4m long cable, 2 spare membranes with O-rings, electrolyte solution (30 ml), battery and instructions.

The Hanna Dissolved Oxygen Meter or Oxycheck is a water-resistant Dissolved Oxygen meter with manual calibration, automatic temperature compensation (ATC), salinity compensation and direct probe.

The Hanna HI 9147 DO Meter with Galvanic Probe, will test arguably the most important parameter of water quality. Most species require a minimumm of 3 ppm DO, but 8-10 ppm is preferable.

The instrument is equipped with an inductive system for battery recharge, with no external contact, to ensure a watertight seal. Dissolved Oxygen is indicated in mg/L (ppm) or in % of saturation.

The temperature can be measured in the range from -5 to 50°C. The Dissolved Oxygen readings are automatically compensated for the temperature effects on the oxygen solubility and membrane permeability. Moreover, the salinity compensation feature allows determination of Dissolved Oxygen even in salty waters.

The meter is housed in a rugged water-resistant case for maximum protection in the field as well as in the laboratory. The D.O. probe is provided with a membrane covering the galvanic sensors and a built-in thermistor for temperature measurement and compensation.

Two models are available:

  • HI 9147-04 with HI 76409/4 probe (4 m cable)
  • HI 9147-10 with HI 76409/10 probe (10 m cable)

The thin permeable membrane isolates the sensor elements from the testing solution, but allows oxygen to enter.

Oxygen that passes through the membrane causes a current flow, from which the oxygen concentration is determined.

Product Specification Summary

Range: O2:0.0 to 50.0 mg/L; % Saturation O2: 0 to 600% ; Temperature: -5.0 to 50.0˚C
Resolution: O2: 0.1 mg/L or 1%; Temperature: 0.1˚C
Accuracy: (@20C) O2; +/-1% of reading; Temperature: +/-0.2˚C
Calibration: manual in saturated air
Temperature compensation: automatic, -5 to 50˚C
Power supply: Battery Type/Life (1) 9V Ni-Mh, rechargeable/approx. 200 hours of continuous use.
Dimensions: 196 x 80 x 60 mm
Weight: 500 grams
Probe: HI-76409/4 with 4 m cable (included)
Probe: HI-76409/10 with 10 m cable (included)

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HI914710Hanna Dissolved Oxygen Meter (with 10 m cable)£725.00 Add to Cart