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Vacuum Extension Pole

Vacuum Extension Pole

The Vacuum Extension Pole comes in two sizes a 4 ft - 8 ft and the popular 6 ft - 12 ft and is of exceptional quality and functionality.

Enjoy years of use from this professional quality telepole featuring an external cam constructed of high-quality anodized aluminum, no rust or corrosion!

This 3 piece telescoping Vacuum Extension Pole has an extra-thick hand grip and two external locking cams for easy operation.

The Vacuum Extension Pole can be used with all Quick-release, Snap-Adapt handle products listed on this page

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
VEP148Vacuum Extension Pole 4 ft - 8 ft (1.2 m - 2.4 m)£22.95 Add to Cart
VEP612Vacuum Extension Pole 6 ft - 12 ft (1.8 m - 3.6 m)£26.95 Add to Cart