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Vortex Filters

Vortex Filters

A Primary Vortex is designed to remove solid waste before it can enter the biological filtration stages, enabling easier maintenance and keeping the filtration unit and media clean.

The size of vortex a system requires depends upon the amount of water that will be passed through it and the water flow rate. Vortex's are fitted with 4" 110mm Tangential connection for bottom drain connection fitted as left hand entry as standard, but can be fitted in a different location if notified and provision of drawing.

Primary vortex's can be easily fitted to match up to other filter units ie.square tops, eazy pods, multibays etc.

We currently supply five sizes of primary vortex to suit pond sizes and customer requirements.

Each Vortex has either 1.5"(40mm) or 2" (50mm) fitting for waste discharge depending on size of vortex and application.

3" (75mm) & 4" (110mm) Tangential connectors can be purchased separately, these are ideal for bottom drain pipework that needs to enter in an awkward spot or for fitting on site.