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Pond Filtration >> Oase Filters >> Oase Filtomatic CWS (Clear Water Systems)

Oase Filtomatic CWS (Clear Water Systems)

Oase Filtomatic CWS (Clear Water Systems)

The Oase Filtomatic CWS is a pioneering filter technology innovation: An automatic self-cleaning filter that autonomously monitors virtually all of the loads that can upset the balance in the pond, and thus ensures clean water – 365 days a year. With the intelligent control unit the UVC clarifier is activated manually or automatically and the filter is cleaned by the sludge pump that is also contained in the filter.

With the FiltoMatic Set CWS OASE makes it easy to select the right filter size. Three different filter sizes are available for the appropriate pond volume in litres with fish stock. If the need for filter capacity should increase, the system can be easily extended with a OxyTex CWS.

Product characteristics and advantages:

  • Innovative, self-cleaning filter set with
  • Integrated UVC clarifier
  • Integrated pump system for sludge discharge

Intelligent control unit

  • Measures water temperature
  • Regulates interval cleaning and UVC
  • Controls sludge discharge via the sludge pump

Oase Filtomatic CWS

  • Thanks to the need-driven mode of operation energy savings of up to 40%
  • Easy installation with virtually no maintenance effort
  • Inconspicuous set-up is possible by burying the unit to 70% of the filter height

OASE Filtomatic

Filtomatic 7000

Filtomatic 14000

Filtomatic 25000

Dimensions in mm (L x W x H)

380 x 380 x 520

380 x 380 x 720

380 x 580 x 720

Integrated UV clarifier

11 watt

24 watt

24 watt

Max flow rate (l/h)





1 1/2“

1 1/2“

1 1/2“

Outlet in mm




Sludge discharge in mm




number of Filter sponges




Suitable for ponds with fish




Suitable for ponds max.




Item # Description Price Add to Cart
50909Oase FiltoMatic 7000 CWS£329.99 Add to Cart
50922Oase FiltoMatic 14000 CWS£349.99 Add to Cart
50926Oase FiltoMatic 25000 CWS£449.99 Add to Cart
50868Oase FiltoMatic 7000 CWS Set (Complete with Aquamax Eco 4000)£449.99 Add to Cart
50870Oase FiltoMatic 14000 CWS Set (Complete with Aquamax Eco 6000)£549.99 Add to Cart
50873Oase FiltoMatic 25000 CWS Set (Complete with Aquamax Eco 8000)£799.99 Add to Cart
50268Filtomatic Cap L Decorative Rock Cover (3000/6000/7000/14000 CWS Filters)£99.99 Add to Cart
50269Filtomatic Cap XL Decorative Rock Cover (12000/25000 CWS Filters)£114.99 Add to Cart
56112Oase FiltoMatic 7000 CWS 11 watt Replacement Bulb£31.99 Add to Cart
56237Oase FiltoMatic 14000 CWS 24 watt Replacement Bulb£43.99 Add to Cart
56237Oase FiltoMatic 25000 CWS 24 watt Replacement Bulb£45.99 Add to Cart
50901Oase FiltoMatic 7000 CWS Replacement Cartridge Set£39.99 Add to Cart
50904Oase FiltoMatic 14000 CWS Replacement Cartridge Set£59.99 Add to Cart
50904X2Oase FiltoMatic 25000 CWS Replacement Cartridge Set£119.99 Add to Cart
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