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Oase Aquamax Dry 8000

Oase Aquamax Dry 8000

The Oase Aquamax Pumps (Pride of the Oase Range) have been developed with the intention to transport a maximum of polluted water into a filter system by using as little pressure as possible.

The main difference between the Oase Aquamax Pumps and the other pumps is its particularly specially designed impeller. With the Oase Aquamax Pump due to the two large blades of the impeller, even highly polluted water can be transported efficiently (this means the fish and other waste).

Oase have now come up with a new range of pumps to extend the Oase Aquamax Pump range.

Introducing the Oase Aquamax Dry Pro

Unlike the previous models, The new Oase Aquamax Dry 8000 have been specially introduced for dry mount aplications aimed at gravity fed filter installations that would normally be fitted with a dry mounted pump.

Oase Aquamax DryMax Flow (gph)Wattage (watts)Max Head (m)
Oase Aquamax Dry 6000 1300 75 2.2
Oase Aquamax Dry 8000 1650 100 3
Oase Aquamax Dry 14000 2970 230 5
Oase Aquamax Dry 16000 3500 260 5.2

The Oase Aquamax Dry 8000 have almost the same frugal running costs as the Oase Aquamax Eco range of pumps and will no doubt be very reliable.

The Oase Aquamax Dry 8000 features Asynchronous motors for super quite and efficient operation.

The Oase Aquamax Dry 8000 comes complete with 1.5 inch inlet and 1.5 inch outlet, 10 metres cable and a standard 3 year guarantee which can be extended to 5 years.

The launched Oase Aquamax Dry 8000 was built on a purpose designed stand with no filter cage or other extras in order to reduce costs.

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