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UV Ozone System (Low Pressure)

UV Ozone System (Low Pressure)

Ozone has been used for decades for disinfecting drinking water and for purifying air. This substance has very strong oxidation and sterilisation properties on all organic substances and takes away unpleasant odours. This makes it one of the most effective means of sterilisation for water treatment.

UV -C radiation and Ozone together form the perfect combination for making pond water immaculately clean and rich in oxygen. Ozone and UV-C kill algae, viruses and bacteria.

The use of Ozone is a natural process which is artificially imitated by the UV Ozone System

The UV Ozone System (UV-C Redox Turbo) comes complete with an Air pump, a UV-C / ozone combination lamp and a static mixer. The Air pump carries Air past the combination lamp which produces about 0.6 grams of Ozone. The loaded Air is mixed with water in the static mixer where an oxidation process takes place.

Once disinfection has taken place then the water mixed with ozone is carried passed the combination lamp again but this time there is a quartz glass housing as a partition.

The water is exposed to UV -C radiation (25 watt UV-C output) so that nearly all algae, bacteria and viruses are killed. The UV-C radiation also completely down any risidual ozone. The UV-C Redox Turbo produces ozone which is 100 % safe, there is no ozone left in the water flowing out.

The UV Ozone System increases the capacity of the pond filter and enriches the pond water with oxygen thus creating a healthy environment for your koi.

To Relace Ozone Tube:

  • Switch off air Pump
  • Switch off Ozone Device
  • Switch off Pond Pump
  • Undo the top Cover nut from the Ozone device
  • Undo the Ozone lamp from the base
  • Replace Lamp
  • Reverse above procedure

The UV Ozone System comes complete with 2 inch unions for the inlet and outlet, also 2 inch - 1.5 inch reducers and 2 inch - 1. 5 inch female thread reducers. Two threaded hosetails are also included for ease of installation.

The UV Ozone System is guaranteed against manufacturing faults for two years from the date of purchase. The lamp is subject to wear and should be replaced in the spring.

UV Ozone System Technical Data

Uv-C (watts)OzoneUV-C Ozone lampSize (cm)Max pumpMax pressure
25 watt 0.6 grams 36T5HOVH75W4PSEBY1 110 x 40 x 15 20,000 lph 1 Bar

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
UVCRTUV Ozone System (Low Pressure)£655.00 Add to Cart
OZ158YUV Ozone System Replacement Lamp (Yellow End)£105.00 Add to Cart
OZ158BUV Ozone System Replacement Lamp (Blue End)£105.00 Add to Cart
UVRTQUV Ozone System Replacement Quartz Sleeve£74.95 Add to Cart
TNRVTephlon Non Return Valves£35.00 Add to Cart
UVCTT1UV Ozone System Tephlon Tubing 1 m£14.95 Add to Cart
UVCORMTUV Ozone System Turbo Replacement Mixing Tube£129.95 Add to Cart
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