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Pond Filtration >> Aquadyne Bead Filters >> Aquadyne 2.2 B Bead Filter for ponds up to 6500 Gallons

Aquadyne 2.2 B Bead Filter for ponds up to 6500 Gallons  PDF File for Aquadyne 2.2 B Bead Filter for ponds up to 6500 Gallons

Aquadyne 2.2 B Bead Filter for ponds up to 6500 Gallons

The Aquadyne 2.2 B Bead Filter is perfectly suited for koi ponds up to 6500 gallons. The Aquadyne 2.2 B Bead Filter will support up to 68 kg of koi.

The Aquadyne 2.2 bead filters have been engineered specifically for koi ponds and water gardens. Available in four sizes, they feature a central diffuser column that reduces internal friction loss.

The Aquadyne 2.2 Bead filter design has no internal elbows, and allows maximum water flow under the most abusive feeding practices. The Aquadyne 2.2 Bead filter supports colossal amounts of fish AND delivers GIN CLEAR water, without flow restrictions. We cannot foresee a more perfect bead filter being introduced. The best part of the Aquadyne Bead Filter is it's unique plumbing which allows water to bypass the filter completely, for medication purposes. The rinse cycle is an absolute must, as there is absolutely no "brown dirt cloud" after a backwash.

Aquadyne ModelPond Size Bead MediaHeight Flow(gph)Dia Max Pressure
Aquadyne 1.1 B 3000 gall 1.1 Cubic feet 87 cm 1000-2300 46 cm 50 Psi
Aquadyne 2.2 B 6500 gall 2.2 Cubic feet 107 cm 1500-3400 62 cm 50 Psi
Aquadyne 4.4 C 12000 gall 4.4 Cubic feet 117 cm 1500-5000 76 cm 50 Psi
Aquadyne 8.8 C 24000 gall 8.8 Cubic feet 122 cm 3500-7000 92 cm 50 Psi

Aquadyne Beadfilter Range

All Aquadyne 2.2 B Beadfilter systems have the following high standard features:-

  • Power Backwash
  • Bottom Sludge Drain
  • Micro Sediment Removal
  • No Flow Restrictions
  • Full 7" Tank Opening
  • Complete Medical Bypass
  • Full Media Access
  • One Touch Operation
  • 5 Minute Weekly Cleaning

The Aquadyne Dyna-Max, Forced Air Bead Cleansing System,Boosts Total Biological Filtration Capacity Approximately 30%.

The Dyna-Max forced air cleansing system allows thorough washing of bead media through a significant increase in turbulence of media prior to back washing. The forced air washing completely breaks up the entire media bed and frees all fine materials that may otherwise remain suspended in the media for further biodegrading. The Dyna-Max system virtually eliminates the possibility of the beads becoming caked together.

Reduces The Water Necessary To Backwash By As Much As 80%

During a normal non-air assisted backwash cycle, the Aquadyne Bead Filter 4.4 would typically require between 200-300 gallons of water to effectively clean the filter of waste. With the Dyna-Max system you can backwash the same filter with as little as 60 gallons of water. This is most desirable for those wishing to install a larger filter on a pond of a lesser volume of water than the filter is rated for, because very little make-up water has to be added to the pond after a backwash cycle and a much larger fish load can be maintained in a smaller environment.

The Dyna-Max system is standard equipment on Aquadyne Bead Filter models 1.1 B, 2.2 B, 4.4 C and 8.8 C.

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
A22BAquadyne 2.2 B Bead Filter for ponds up to 6500 Gallons£1525.00 Add to Cart
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