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Delta UV EP Series  PDF File for Delta UV EP Series

Delta UV EP Series

The Elektra Pro UV EP Series unit is a Ultraviolet Sanitizer and Clarifier designed specifically for the koi industry and are made of 100% stainless steel.

The Elektra Pro UV EP Series have earned an outstanding reputation for quality, functionality, performance and reliability. Four different models serve systems with water flow rates from 6000 lph to 18000 lph

The Elektra Pro UV EP Series models feature electronic ballasts in an easily removable plastic enclosure. An automatic on/off control is activated when water stops flowing in the chamber, which prevents overheating and solarizing of the quartz tube and lamp.

Pond water containing unwanted contaminates enters the Elektra Pro UV EP Series unit's wet chamber and is exposed to the light rays generated by the UV bulb. The Elektra Pro UV EP Series unit has been designed to allow for some turbidity in the water, as turbidity will reduce the UV light wave transmission capability. Therefore, all Elektra Pro UV EP Series units are sized for a minimum two second exposure time to allow for possible turbidity in the water and the reduction in the killing power of the UV bulb when it nears the end of its useful life. When the incoming water is exposed for this duration, the water exiting the unit is near drinking water biological quality.

Within the Elektra Pro UV EP Series Unit a high intensity electrically operated Ultraviolet (UV) bulb is located inside the unit’s wet chamber. This UV bulb gives off Ultraviolet light wave emissions when lit. The bulb’s operating emission range is within the Ultraviolet light wave spectrum at 253.7 nm of wavelength. This wavelength is such that when bacteria, protozoa, viruses, algae spores, or other single celled waterborne microorganisms in the incoming water flow are exposed to the light waves of the UV bulb for one second or more exposure time, the DNA of the microorganism is altered or disrupted, which controls and eradicates these unwanted contaminates and renders them harmless.

Type Pond Size Inlet/Outlet CentresHeight Max GPH Dia Kg
Elektra EP5 Up to 5000 gallons 196 mm 444 mm 2640 150 mm 8
Elektra EP15 Up to 10000 gallons 374 mm 701 mm 4980 150 mm 10
Elektra EP20 Up to 20000 gallons 733 mm 981 mm 7080 150 mm 14
Elektra EP40 Up to 40000 gallons 914 mm 1162 mm 10320 150 mm 15

  • Stainless Steel Housing 6 inch Dia
  • Four Models 35W (5000 Gal) 55W (10000 Gal) 90W (20000 Gal) 110W (40000 Gal)
  • 240V/50/60 Hz 1 Watt Amp draw
  • Electronic Ballast - Two Ballasts fit all four models (EP5, EP10)(EP20, EP40)
  • 8 Ft. Power Cord - NEMA Plug
  • All Weather Cord Connected
  • Stainless Steel Quartz Seal Sleeve
  • Pressure Switch Dry Fire Control
  • Pressure Gage
  • Stainless Steel Base
  • Internal Flow Diverter
  • Clear PVC Union Outlet - 2" Socket
  • PVC Union Inlet - 2" Socket
  • Plastic Electrical Enclosure
  • Bulb Cushion and Bulb Centering Rings
  • Unit - 5 Years, Ballast and Bulb 1 Year (9000 Hours)

Important Note: When ordering UV lamps please make sure you open the box to make sure the lamps are not broken before signing the delivery note, if the bulbs are damaged please sign the delivery note "Damaged" and refuse delivery.

A claim will ONLY be accepted if signed for as DAMAGED.

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
3508150Delta UV EP 5 upto 5000 Gallons£645.00 Add to Cart
3508153Delta UV EP 15 upto 10000 Gallons£695.00 Add to Cart
3508154Delta UV EP 20 upto 20000 Gallons£745.00 Add to Cart
3508156Delta UV EP 40 upto 40000 Gallons£845.00 Add to Cart
8482234Delta UV E/ES/EP - Pressure Gauge£20.00 Add to Cart
4402335Delta UV E/ES/EP - Flat O Ring Inlet/Outlet Gasket (set of 2)£10.00 Add to Cart
8602352Delta UV E/ES/EP Replacement Bottom Union - White£10.00 Add to Cart
8602402Delta UV E/ES/EP Replacement Top Union - Gauge Clear£10.00 Add to Cart
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