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Air Products for Koi Ponds >> Pro Air Fittings >> Pro Air 12 mm Stud (3/8 inch BSP Male)

Pro Air 12 mm Stud (3/8 inch BSP Male)

Pro Air 12 mm Stud (3/8 inch BSP Male)

For those customers wishing to use our Industrial Tubing which is Food Grade safe then these fittings will no doubt last you many years, The tubing is made from Semi Rigid Nylon and comes in 30 Metre Coils or sold by the meter.

We have a full range of fittings which are suitable for controling both Air and Water, they have a working pressure of 10 Bar or 150 psi and can operate in a Temperature range of 0 Degree C to + 60 Degree C.

The fittings listed are 12 mm Dia and by pushing the tube home in to the fittings will create a airtight seal, if you want to alter your air line at any time simply pull back the Blue ring and pull the tube out from the fitting.

For those of you using the Nexus Eazy or Eazy Pod then these fittings can be used to add or replace existing parts.

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AAC357Pro Air 12 mm Stud (3/8 inch BSP Male)£4.95 Add to Cart