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Hose and Fittings >> Hose Connectors >> Reducer Hose Connectors

Reducer Hose Connectors

Reducer Hose Connectors

The choice of which type of pipework to use has always been a predicament.

Now look what we have come up with, something that will save you buying Flexible pipe in one long length, simply add any one of our Hose connectors available in this section and interlink Elbows, Tee's, Reducers and Straight connectors.

Simply add on to existing pipe lengths or cut and add Tee Connectors in to divert what ever to where ever.

We even have some matching Valves that can be used to control water as well as Diverting Air to other parts of your pond or filter.

These will prove invaluable and cover most of the jobs you need to do.

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
WFR613Reducer Hose Connectors 13 mm - 10 mm£1.15 Add to Cart
WFR619Reducer Hose Connectors 19 mm - 13 mm£1.45 Add to Cart
WFR625Reducer Hose Connectors 25 mm - 19 mm£1.95 Add to Cart
WFR632Reducer Hose Connectors 32 mm - 25 mm£2.45 Add to Cart
WFR638Reducer Hose Connectors 38 mm - 32 mm£7.45 Add to Cart