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What is ozone?

Ozone is a sort of super oxygen. Instead of two oxygen atoms (O2) it has three such atoms (O3). This state can be achieved in various ways such as through the use of high voltage. Ozone is however, unstable and results in the ozone trying to revert as quickly as possible back into oxygen. Ozone seeks out a substance that it can oxidize so that the original state is quickly realised. In this way a very powerful oxidizer is created that not only environmentally friendly is but also leaves behind no waste products. With its task completed it leaves only pure oxygen in the water.


Ozone has been used for years in the purification of water. In particular swimming pools have benefited because it results in the use of less chlorine. Drinking water also benefits in this way. For sea aquarium hobbyists it has for years formed a successful combination with a protein skimmer to remove both ammonia and nitrite. Such apparatus however either had a restricted capacity or were alarmingly expensive for professional applications. Through new techniques ESTRAD has been successful in greatly increasing the output of its products so that affordable ozone generators are now available for the purification of complete fish ponds.

Two possibilities

1. As an addition to an existing system.

The performance of a filter system is based upon the amount of feed that pollutes the pond. The same amount of feed but now with more fish will result in less pollution because the feed will be better digested. In many cases the fish grow so quickly that after a time a state of filter under capacity exists. This occurs mostly during warm summer months when the fish are fed more and because warm water contains less oxygen so the nitrifying bacteria act less efficiently. Usually pollution rises quickly at this time because it takes weeks before sufficient nitrite producing bacteria form. A small ozone generator is therefore the ideal supplement to your system to allow you to react to these pollution peaks and always ensure a constantly high water quality.

2. As complete system.

If you are starting from scratch you could choose now for a complete ozone filter system. With the several models it is possible to choose a system that suits your fish pond. The first filtering step is a large vortex to allow the waste particles to sink. The following step is to pump the water through one of our skimmers back into the pond. Attached to the skimmer is the suction point for the ozone. Here the ammonia and nitrite are chemically changed and removed along with the proteins and any floating waste products. The double ventilation ensures that the remaining ozone is quickly converted into oxygen thus ensuring that only clean, oxygen rich water returns to your pond. This water is so oxygen rich that the sides of the pond start to work as a complete biological filter. An ideal situation for your fish should the electrical supply fail temporarily.

Other positive effects.

Ozone is also an ideal gas to combat germs and bacteria. No known bacteria is resistant to ozone thus enabling you to keep your system under control. Eventual outbreaks of disease forming bacteria flow through the filter and are killed instantly before they can cause any damage. These bacteria are always looking for a host such as a fish. This is in contrast to nitrite producing bacteria that don't float around but attach themselves to the sides of the pond, and the biological part of the filter. Because of the oxygenation of the water they will then multiply thus creating an ideal balance. Any floating algae particles will be killed by the ozone in the same way a UV lamp would, only with a much better result. In the case of an EstrOzone generator the entire capacity is available on call without the chance that it declines and you won't have to change expensive UV lamps every season. Also any dyes that enter the water via the feed or any other manner thus making the pond cloudy will be destroyed by the ozone.

The EstrOzone generator is simple to connect. It functions directly without the delay of waiting for the biological filter to ripen. The electronics are completely protected against overheating or other malfunctions and there are several connections for an external alarm. It is even possible to connect it to a mobile phone. The generator may also be connected to the water pump or may be used to control other devices. Through an optional redox potential meter you can even switch of and on automatically depending on the amount of pollution that is programmed. This gives an energy efficient operation.

Alternatively, Ozone can be created using the Ozone Micro Cell, on the other hand, produces Ozone from water. A process of electrolysis is used to break down water into it's two component parts: Oxygen and Hydrogen. The Ozone Micro Cell also releases single oxygen atoms (0 rather 02 atoms) that instantly conbine with oxygen molecules (02) to form ozone (03).

Ozone is a highly reactive substance and tries to revert straightaway to it's original form, thus causing the extra oxygen atom to react with the organic substance such as nitrite, a colourant, algae, or a virus, which are then 'incinerated' by oxidation. The substance that remains after this oxidation process is pure oxygen. The Ozone leaves the Ozone Micro Cell in the form of tiny bubbles of gas. The smaller the bubbles, the better.

A healthy pond is a balance between feeding, consuming and filtering. If these factors are under control the result will be a beautiful worry free hobby and of course healthy fish.
For further details on these Ozone Generators please contact providing details of your pond and current filtration system... If you are proposing to install a new pond then please tell us the size you propose to construct and we will then be in a position to advise you as to which Ozone Generator would be suitable for your own application.


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