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Introducing the New Perfect Pump, manufactured in Germany to the highest quality and standards. 

The Perfect Pump represents excellant value for money, they are robust an extremely reliable.

Specially designed for use in ponds and filters.


The Perfect Pump can also be used for dry installation on gravity fed systems and swimming pools.

The Perfect Pump motor is designed for continuous operation using Ceramic bearings and stainless shaft without seals which gives these pumps a long life.

These pumps have High Hydralic efficiency which means the pumps give optimal outputs capable of large delivery volumes with lower power consumption.

The Asynchronous motor gives quiet smooth running, the pump can be used with variable speed controllers for step-less flow regulation.

  • 1.5" BSP threaded inlets and outlets for easy dry mounting.
  • Built-in thermal overload protection with auto-restart if motor overheats.
  • All internal electrical connections are sealed in resin for safety.
  • Impellor housing can be dismantled for cleaning if required.
  • High quality functional pump cage with large surface area.
  • Handle solids up to 8mm in diameter.
  • Supplied with 10 m cable, hose fittings and impellor housing key.
  • 5 Year Warranty   

Perfect Pump ModelFlow (lph)Flow @ 1 m Head (lph)Power (watts)Max Head (m)InletOutlet
Perfect Pump 5000 5100 3100 49 1.85 1.5 inch 1.5 inch
Perfect Pump 7000 7200 4700 78 2.50 1.5 inch 1.5 inch
Perfect Pump 10000 10100 7800 105 3.50 1.5 inch 1.5 inch
Perfect Pump 13000 12950 9600 158 3.60 1.5 inch 1.5 inch
Perfect Pump 16000 15900 13300 200 4.50 1.5 inch 1.5 inch

Perfect Pump 13000 and Perfect Pump 16000 models have an adjustable multifunctional fitting for additional suction options such as a surface skimmer etc

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
PP5 Perfect Pump 5000 £195.00 Add to Cart
PP7 Perfect Pump 7000 £225.00 Add to Cart
PP10 Perfect Pump 10000  £255.00  Add to Cart
PP13 Perfect Pump 13000  £325.00  Add to Cart
PP16 Perfect Pump 16000  £375.00  Add to Cart


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