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Darren is back and the new fish are arriving March 20th!

We shall be making our way down to Heathrow on Tuesday 20.03.07 to pick up our new Koi that were hand selected on out latest Japan buying trip. We have managed to secure some very high grade Tosai and are very exited about this shipment of koi. Please can customers bare with us at this time and alow the koi to settle in without to much fuss, we would ask customers that have ordered koi to come down at the week end. For those wishing to reserve koi before the koi are out of quarantine we would ask for payment in full please.

We can confidently say that this is one of the best collections we have ever had of high grade Tosai. Furthermore on arrival of our new stock blood samples will be taken and sent to CEFAS.

Be sure to check back on the site often for the latest updates to our fish stock, we are quite excited about this year's offerings


We shall be taken pics and uploading them in to our koi for sale section where you will be able to play videos for you to see the quality of the koi.

You will have the option to buy the koi online by adding to cart or simply e-mail if you would like to know more about the koi you like.

Please be patient as we have nearly 600 koi to photo and upload on to the new site, the koi will be available for viewing this coming weekend where the koi can only be reserved and left here until we have put them through their heat ramping cycle to assure the new koi are free from any problems, those of you that know us will already know but can we remind customers to use the Hand gel and foot bath as they enter the premises.



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