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Delta Bio UV EA Series  PDF File for Delta Bio UV EA Series

Delta Bio UV EA Series

Delta Bio UV sanitizers have been designed specifically for small swimming pools, ponds, spas, and water features.  The Delta Bio Uv with four different models can be used in applications where the circulation systems have a water flow ranging from 6 gallons per minute (23 LPM) to 69 GPM (261 LPM). The Delta Bio Uv systems have a variety of  exclusive features not found elsewhere at this price level.

Delta Bio UV EA Series
Exclusive Delta Bio Uv features include a 316 Stainless Steel housing that allows for 360° rotation of the inlet and outlet unions for ease of installation, to the simple design of the lamp chamber that makes re-lamping of the unit a simple job that can be accomplished by even the least mechanical person in 2-3 minutes.  Another key exclusive features of the Delta Bio Uv is the total disassembly of  the Stainless Steel housing to facilitate cleaning of the quartz tube, should it be necessary.  Whether installed indoors or outdoors, the Delta Bio Uv EA Series installation can be horizontal or vertical, with mounting simplified by utilizing the Stainless Steel mounting legs supplied.

Delta Bio UV EA Series

Like all Delta Ultraviolet systems, the Delta Bio Uv proprietary High Output (HO) low pressure lamp is capable of 30,000 µ/sec/cm2 output at lamp end-of-life (EOL) when design flow rates are maintained.  This is the same requirement for Class A drinking water, so you can be assured of the highest quality water standard.

The Delta Bio Uv long life lamp is rated at 9000 hours of continuous use (approximately 1 year).   As noted above, re-lamping is a simple process.  By maintaining this high standard of lamp design and performance, Delta Ultraviolet has raised the bar for small sized UV systems. These Delta Bio Uv quality systems bear the Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Listing Mark for US and Canada as well as the CE mark for Europe and the required EPA Manufacturers Registration.  No other system in this price range has been so extensively safety and performance certified.

Delta Bio UV EA Series

Delta Bio UV 3H 5Delta Bio UV 4H 15Delta Bio UV 4H 20Delta Bio UV 4H 40

Max Pond Size

1500 Gallons

4400 Gallons

5500 Gallons

6600 Gallons

Flow Rate gph

 792 gph

2200 gph 

2860 gph 

3430 gph 

Flow Rate lph

3600 lph 

10000 lph 

13000 lph 

15600 lph 

Dim (Length x Diameter)

45 x 7.6 cm

63 x 10 cm

99 x 10 cm

117 x 10 cm


30 watt

58 watt

80 watt

90 watt

Inlet / Outlet Connections

63 mm/2 inch

63 mm/2 inch

63 mm/2 inch

63 mm/2 inch

The Delta Bio UV EA 3H 5 have a 3 inch Stainless Steel Body, whilst the Delta Bio UV 4H 15, 4H 20, and 4H 40 models each have a 4 inch Stainless Steel Body

All Delta Bio UV EA Series models have 63 mm/2 inch pressure solvent connections.

Important Note: When ordering UV lamps please make sure you open the box to make sure the lamps are not broken before signing the delivery note, if the bulbs are damaged please sign the delivery note "Damaged" and refuse delivery.

A claim will ONLY be accepted if signed for as DAMAGED.

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
EA3H5Delta Bio-Uv EA 3H 5 for koi ponds up to 1500 gallons425.00 Add to Cart
EA4H5Delta Bio-Uv EA 4H 5 for Koi ponds up to 3000 gallons495.00 Add to Cart
EA4H15Delta Bio-Uv EA 4H 15 for Koi ponds up to 4400 gallons535.00 Add to Cart
EA4H20Delta Bio-Uv EA 4H 20 for koi ponds up to 5500 gallons585.00 Add to Cart
EA4H40Delta Bio-Uv EA 4H 40 for Koi ponds up to 6600 gallons645.00 Add to Cart
EA3H5RBDelta Bio-Uv EA 3H 5 Replacement Bulb74.99 Add to Cart
EA4H10RBDelta Bio-Uv EA 4H 10 Replacement Bulb99.99 Add to Cart
EA4H20RBDelta Bio-Uv EA 4H 20 Replacement Bulb119.99 Add to Cart
EA4H40RBDelta Bio-Uv EA 4H 40 Replacement Bulb139.99 Add to Cart
EA3H5QSDelta Bio-Uv EA 3H 5 Quartz Sleeve119.99 Add to Cart
EA4H10QSDelta Bio-Uv EA 4H 10 Quartz Sleeve159.99 Add to Cart
EA4H20QSDelta Bio-Uv EA 4H 20 Quartz Sleeve179.99 Add to Cart
EA4H40QSDelta Bio-Uv EA 4H 40 Quartz Sleeve189.99 Add to Cart
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