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Koi Bowls

Koi Bowls

It is really essential that you do have a selection of good bowls from the small 18" diameter ones up to perhaps, depending on the size of your largest Koi, 26" or 30".

Bowls should always be cleaned out thoroughly after use and remember to do this every time, it is no use grabbing a dirty and possibly contaminated bowl when you urgently need one to treat one of your koi.

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
BOW120Round Koi Bowl 20 inch (50 cm) Diameter x 9 inch (23 cm) Deep14.95 Add to Cart
BOW122Round Koi Bowl 22 inch (56 cm) Diameter x 10 inch (25 cm) Deep16.95 Add to Cart
BOW124Round Koi Bowl 24 inch (61 cm) Diameter x 10 inch (25 cm) Deep19.95 Add to Cart
BOW128Round Koi Bowl 28 inch (71 cm) Diameter x 12 inch (31 cm) Deep27.95 Add to Cart
BOW171Round Koi Bowl Heavy Duty 28 inch (71 cm) Diameter x 15 inch (40 cm) Deep49.95 Add to Cart
BOW172Elasticated Cover Net for 28 inch Diameter x 15 inch Deep (BOW128/171)19.95 Add to Cart
BOW180Round Koi Bowl 31 inch (80 cm) Diameter x 15 inch (39 cm) Deep64.95 Add to Cart
BOW181Elasticated Zip Cover Net for 31 inch (80 cm) Diameter x 15 inch (BOW180)9.95 Add to Cart
BT60531 mtr Japanese Koi Bowl414.95 Add to Cart