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Fluid Bed Filters

Fluid Bed Filters

The dilemma of very high fish stocks overloading an existing filter system has frequently meant replacing the entire system or adding to it in a conventional manner, but often the case is that there is insufficient floor space (or finances) to execute either option. This is where the economical Fluidised Bed filter fully comes into its own, and providing that the existing system can adequately cater for mechanical filtration, then a vast improvement in water quality parameters will be evident.

The ability of Fluidised Bed filters to biological cater for extremely high level fish loads has been well documented, as have the wear and short life problems encountered by some companies producing such devices back in the year 2000. Only now in 2007 after considerable field and laboratory research can Absolute Koi offer the very best in Fluid bed Filters assisted greatly by the unique specification of silica sand used, and which is scientifically known to offer superior bacteria colonisation than that achieved by coral sand and other common types. Put into perspective, studies would indicate that the unique biomass silica media has such impressive properties that 3kg will support the same volume of beneficial bacteria that might otherwise only be achievable if using 50 sacks of average filter rock or gravel.

Our Fluid bed range are manufactured in 3 varying sizes, and are available in two designs – (1) Pumped with gravity return (2) Pumped with pressurised return. Unlike some other manufacturers products the our Fluid Bed range  incorporates a non return valve to prevent the loss of sand via any siphoning actions.

As a guide to flow rates and application of use, approximately 10% of the ponds volume should be directed through the Fluidised Bed filter. By the nature of design and media used Fliud Beds should only be installed on existing mature ponds where adequate mechanical filtration also exists.