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Pond Filtration >> Oase Filters >> OASE Biosys Set 3

OASE Biosys Set 3

OASE Biosys Set 3

Complete Filter Sets BIOsys


The new OASE BIOsys complete sets ensure optimal filtration for all garden ponds. The components are ideally matched, and for the most part they are pre-installed.

The combination of Aquamax filtration pump, Bitron UVC clarifier, and Biotec/Filtoclear, ensures guaranteed clear water.

BIOsys sets 1–4

Through the simple installation and the modular extendability, the BIOsys sets are equal to all changes in the garden pond, such as increased fish stock, or new design ideas.

The three system components of the BIOsys system, pump, clarifier and biofilter ensure that there is a natural bio-cycle in the garden pond and that the pond water becomes and remains clear.

The Aquamax pump transports excess nutrients such as fish excretions directly to the clarifier/filter and also ensures a vital oxygen supply.

The UVC light in the Bitron clarifier flocculates unwanted algae, making them easier to filter, while the magnet prevents the calcification of important functional components in the filter and pump.


UVC clarifier


Max pond Size

Biotec 12 Screenmatic

Bitron 36C

Aquamax Eco 12000

2000 Gallons

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57414OASE Biosys Set 3899.99 Add to Cart
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