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Japanese Ornaments >> Granite Ornaments >> Oribe (Ikekomi-gata)

Oribe (Ikekomi-gata)

Oribe (Ikekomi-gata)


One of the oldest known Japanese lanterns first produced in the Momoyana period 1568 -1599 by warlord Furata Oribe.

Square lantern, in classic planted style with no base stone, with pedestal stone, also called 'Christian lantern' (Drilled for electric cable).

Ikekomi-gata  (No base and with pedestal buried directly into the ground.)

This Japanese granite garden furniture, provides not only a useful and attractive feature in your garden, it can last a lifetime with no painting or re-treating required.  This granite furniture will last as long as your garden and look just as good as the day you bought it.

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
2002070Oribe 75 cm Height175.00 Add to Cart
2002090Oribe 90 cm Height245.00 Add to Cart
2002105Oribe 105 cm Height350.00 Add to Cart
2002120Oribe 120 cm Height495.00 Add to Cart