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AquaHydrotech Koi Bac

AquaHydrotech Koi Bac

Instantly active, industrial strength nitrifying bacteria to provide a rapid solution to the problems of ammonia and nitrite in koi ponds.

Koi bac contains a highly concentrated pure bacterial culture, designed to provide instant nitrification.  Ideal for new filter systems, when adding new fish and in quarantine systems.

500 ml treats 1000 gallons (4,500 litres)

"I've tried many products which claim to mature filters quickly. Koi bac is incredible. It took just 24 hours to bring the nitrite down from well over 2 mg/l to 0. Fantastic stuff. The fish are now happy and feeding well. " - Tom W.

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KB500AquaHydrotech Koi Bac 500 ml51.25 Add to Cart