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EcoPond NitroGEN

EcoPond NitroGEN

Nitrification filter units designed to fit simply into pond pipe work for easy application and enhanced activity of Ammonia and Nitrite Removal Nuggets. The NitroGEN treats up to 1000 gallons.

The NitroGEN Unit has been designed specifically to provide the perfect application for Ammonia & Nitrite Removal Nuggets into a pond.  The unit can be integrated quickly and easily into pond pipe work to give the ultimate control over nitrification in pond water and providing the optimum environment for your fish.

The NitroGEN is the fastest and most effective way to remove ammonia and nitrite from a pond. The passage of water through the unit enables the bacteria provided in AquaHydrotech's unique gel Ammonia and Nitrite Removal Nuggets to neutralise ammonia and nitrite, converting it to harmless nitrate.

The NitroGEN will treat ponds up to 1000 gallons (4545 litres).

Nuggets are sold separately.

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
11115EcoPond NitroGEN74.95 Add to Cart
08002EcoPond Ammonia Removal Nuggets 240 ml27.95 Add to Cart
08003EcoPond Nitrite Removal Nuggets 240 ml27.95 Add to Cart