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Pond Pumps >> Speck Badu Pumps >> Speck BADU Top 42 Circulation Pumps

Speck BADU Top 42 Circulation Pumps

Speck BADU Top 42 Circulation Pumps

The Speck Badu Top 42/5 and 42/8, pumps are probably one of the most versatile pumps available anywhere and can be used with or without the strainer basket .. depending of course on the application that you have in mind ...

If you need the Speck Badu Top Strainer Basket then please do not forget to order it along with your Speck badu Top pump as these are optional and therefore the cost of these strainer baskets is additional to the pump.

The Speck badu Top 42 range were designed as jet pumps for tubs and whirl pools therefore they are nearly silent in use and when used in conjunction with strainer basket are ideal for economical high volume output.

Speck BADU Top 42 Circulation Pumps have a female 1.5 inch Inlet and female 1.5 inch outlet.

Speck badu Top ModelGPH @ 4m headWattage
Speck badu Top 42/5 2200 GPH 0.3 kw
Speck badu Top 42/8 3300 GPH 0.4 kw

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
PP291Speck BADU Top 42/5 Circulation Pump215.00 Add to Cart
PP292Speck BADU Top 42/8 Circulation Pump225.00 Add to Cart
PP293Speck BADU Top 42 Series Strainer Basket75.00 Add to Cart