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Red Devil Pumps

The Red Devil Pumps are Small and very efficient, worthy of consideration.

The Red Devil is a revolutionary pump has been designed for money saving operation because of its low energy usage. The Red Devil is excellent in combination with BubbleBead filters, but can also be used with other Beadfilters.

The Red Devil Pump is in the same class as other pumps on the market  that consume 500 watts per hour, the Red Devil, at a mere 127 Watts is more economical than other low-energy pumps.

The range of Red Devil pumps are notable for their frugal power consumption and extremely low running costs. In spite of their impressive outputs they are remarkably efficient in their use of electricity, making them first choice for the economically and environmentally conscious.

Red Devil pumps are solidly contructed and the silicon carbide bearings have a lifetime guarantee. The rest of the pump carries a 3 year warranty with the option of extending to 5 years.

Red Devil Pumps also run quietly and are suited to either submersible use or mounting externally in a dry site.

The magnetic drive assembly has no mechanical seals to wear out, and cut-out protection is provided should the rotor ever be obstructed. Chemically resilient construction materials mean that Red Devil pumps can be used in fresh or salt water, chlorinated water, and water that is mixed with air or ozone.


GphInletOutletWattageMax Head

Red Devil 4.5 Pump 1000 gph 48 Watt


40 mm

25 mm

48 watt

2.3 m

Red Devil 6.5 Pump 1450 gph 65 Watt


40 mm


65 watt

4.0 m

Red Devil 8.2 Pump 1850 gph 75 Watt


40 mm

 32 mm

75 watt

 4.1 m

Red Devil 10 Pump 2250 gph 98 Watt


40 mm

 32 mm

98 watt

 4.0 m

Red Devil 12.5 Pump 2750 gph 112 Watt

 2750  40 mm   40 mm  112 watt

 3.8 m

Red Devil 14 Pump 3100 gph 127 Watt

 3100  50 mm   40 mm  127 watt

 4.0 m

Red Devil 17 Pump 3700 gph 155 Watt

 3700  63 mm   40 mm  155 watt

 4.5 m

The Red devil pump housing is completely sealed which means that the pump can be used both above and under water.

The Red Devil Pump cannot rust and as a result, can even be used to pump salt water. The propellers of the Red Devil pump have are manufactured out of titanium, Also for industrial use, it is capable of pumping acid or base water, making this pump a high-quality option.

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
RED4.5Red Devil 4.5 Pump 1000 gph 48 Watt395.00 Add to Cart
RED6.5Red Devil 6.5 Pump 1450 gph 65 Watt450.00 Add to Cart
RED8.2Red Devil 8.2 Pump 1850 gph 75 Watt525.00 Add to Cart
RED10Red Devil 10 Pump 2250 gph 98 Watt555.00 Add to Cart
RED12.5Red Devil 12.5 Pump 2750 gph 112 Watt595.00 Add to Cart
RED14Red Devil 14 Pump 3100 gph 127 Watt675.00 Add to Cart
RED17Red Devil 17 Pump 3700 gph 155 Watt775.00 Add to Cart