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ITT Marlow Argonaut AG Series Pumps

ITT Marlow Argonaut AG Series PumpsITT Marlow is probably one of the oldest established and respected names in the Pump Industry in the UK and the rest of the World - but we are proud to say that ITT Marlow is still a British owned company.

ITT Marlow have been renowned the world over for producing some of the finest and most efficient pumps for many applications now for a great many years. ITT Marlow is a Name You Can Trust without fear - We have ourselves been using ITT Marlow pumps now for the past 15 years and those pumps are still working 24 hours per day 365 days a year...

Enhanced inspection capability is provided by the magnifying effect of the clear domed strainer lid, with a new easily removable design and a separate lid removal tool. The pump includes an integral mounting foot, fine mesh 1.8 ltr strainer basket, high grade Carbon Graphite/ceramic seal assembly and 63 frame IP55 motor. The AG series carries a full 2 year guarantee and has the European Keymark approval and is CE marked by ITT Marlow. The ITT Marlow Argonaut AG Series Pumps have two 21/4" BSP external threaded ports and are supplied with 1.5" unions.

These self priming glass reinforced plastic pumps are ideally suited to all aquaculture, waste water or any pumping applications where chemical resistance is required. The pumps are manufactured from plastic and 316 stainless steel, as such they can be used without fear of corrosion in sea-water or brine solution. Also because of the materials of construction, the pumps do not impart any metal ions into the water that could be toxic to fish. We believe that these are the best pumps of their type in terms of their efficiency and performance.

PumpFlow Rate
ITT Marlow AG8   1-phase 2250 gph
ITT Marlow AG10 1-phase 2580 gph
ITT Marlow AG14 1-phase 3240 gph
ITT Marlow AG16 1-phase 3850 gph
ITT Marlow AG8   3-phase 2250 gph
ITT Marlow AG10 3-phase 2580 gph
ITT Marlow AG14 3-phase 3240 gph
ITT Marlow AG16 3-phase 3850 gph
Item # Description Price Add to Cart
ITT-AG8ITT Marlow AG8 1-Phase249.99 Add to Cart
ITT-AG10ITT Marlow AG10 1-Phase259.99 Add to Cart
ITT-AG14ITT Marlow AG14 1-Phase279.99 Add to Cart
ITT-AG16ITT Marlow AG16 1-Phase299.99 Add to Cart
ITTAGSBITT Marlow AG Series Strainer Basket19.99 Add to Cart