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Microscopes >> Wedmore SP Series >> Wedmore Monocular Microscope SP01

Wedmore Monocular Microscope SP01  PDF File for Wedmore Monocular Microscope SP01

Wedmore Monocular Microscope SP01

The Wedmore SP series microscopes are a range of high quality, high performance instruments available exclusively from Brunel Microscopes.

The robust design of these instruments is particularly suited to the rigors of education establishments and the dedicated amateur naturalist. All Wedmore SP microscopes are equipped with RMS standard thread achromatic objectives, a full sub stage Abbé condenser (N.A. 1.2), with iris diaphragm, filter carrier and full rack and pinion adjustment.

Wedmore SP01
Achromatic objectives x10, x40. Eyepiece x10. Stage clips. Sub stage condenser. Magnification range x100 - x400.

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
SP01Wedmore Monocular Microscope SP0187.00 Add to Cart
GS100Glass Slides x 50 Pieces7.60 Add to Cart
CS100Cover Slides x 100 Pieces3.10 Add to Cart