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Hanna Digital Salt Meter

Hanna Digital Salt MeterThe SALINTEST can help you monitor the concentration of sodium chloride, assuring high quality in aquaculture. SALINTEST is also ideal for marine fish tanks and aquariums. Instruments for measuring salinity of seawater currently available on the market are cumbersome and difficult to use. HANNA instruments®  has re-engineered this compact salt tester with a more durable, ergonomic casing and a larger LCD.
This electronic meter uses a modified distilled water method and can measure salinity from zero to over 3 ounces of salt per gallon. A conversion list of popular levels is included so you can work in your preferred format(oz,mg/L,%).

Comes supplied with calibration solution, batteries and instructions.
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HI98203Hanna Digital Salt Meter119.95 Add to Cart