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Microbe Lift Clean & Clear

Microbe Lift Clean & Clear

Microbe Lift Clean & Clear is a special blend of beneficial bacteria that keeps ponds clean & clear. Contains also photosynthetic bacteria and is grown in the bottle in which it is sold, thanks to a unique process! Photosynthetic bacteria can be very beneficial in balancing the ecology of a pond. They will compete with algae for their nutrition and sunlight.

Microbe-Lift Clean & Clear reduces environmental stress, improves dissolved oxygen, digests organic debris, and improves respiration and gas exchange.

  • Keeps your ponds clean & clear
  • Seeds and maintains biological filters
  • Reduces ammonia nitrogen levels
  • Dissolves away organic sediment
  • Safe for fish & plants
  • Reduces environmental stress
  • Promotes rapid fish growth
  • Biologically supports a healthy immune system
  • Increases resistance to pathogens and parasites
  • Biodegrades uneaten food

Pond Size (ltr)Intial DoseEvery 4 weeks

2000 to 4000

400 ml
150 ml

4000 to 20000

500 ml
200 ml

2000 to 40000

1 Ltr

500 ml

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
MD853Microbe Lift Clean & Clear 500 ml12.95 Add to Cart
MD854Microbe Lift Clean & Clear 1 Ltr19.95 Add to Cart
MD855Microbe Lift Clean & Clear 4 Ltr59.95 Add to Cart
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