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Oase Bitron Eco 240W UVC

Oase Bitron Eco 240W UVC

The Oase Bitron Eco 240 Watt Ultra Violet Clarifier will help treat Algae, Turbidity and Bacteria within your pond water.

With multiple settings, this UVC filter has an Economical Control system in which you can control the power usage depending on how affected your pond water is.

The UVC box can easily be connected to other 2" filter boxes such as the ProfiClear range, BioTec 30 and BioTec SreenMatic 36.

Bitron 240W UVC Features:

  • Concentrated UVC Power
  • Up to 50,000 Litres per Hour Flow Rate
  • Helps treat Algae, Turbidity and Bacteria
  • 12000 Hours (average) Lifespan Bulb
  • Economical Control System
  • Automatic Regulator adapts the Flow Rate to Pump Capacity
  • Display Monitor for Temperature and Bulb Change
  • IP68 Rated for Outdoor Water Use
  • Simply Connects to other 2" Filter Boxes
  • 3 Year Guarantee upon Free Registration with Oase
  • Suitable for Ponds up to: 240m³
  • Suitable for Ponds with Fish Stock up to: 90m³
  • Suitable for Ponds with Koi up to: 45m³

UVC Filter 56405 Dimensions:

  • Length: 72.5cm
  • Width: 22.7cm
  • Height: 24.8cm
  • Weight: 7.9kg

Power and Cables:

  • Rated Voltage: 220 – 240 V / 50/60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 240W
  • UVC Power: 240W
  • Power Cable Length: 5 Metres
  • Operating Pressure: 1 Bar

Connection Details:

  • Inlets: 1
  • Inlet Size: 38/50mm
  • Number of Outlets: 1
  • Outlet Size: 38/50mm
  • Connection to: ProfiClear, BioTec 30, BioTec SreenMatic 36
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