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AquaHydrotech Chlorine Guard

AquaHydrotech Chlorine Guard

Suitable for all types of pond and aquaria. Removes chlorine, chloramines & heavy metals when topping up.

An eco-friendly solution for the treatment of chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals in tap water prior to the filling or topping up of a pond or aquarium. Chlorine Guard contains natural compounds, which bind chlorine, making water safer for fish and plants. Contains no synthetic chemicals, herbicides or pesticides and is totally harmless to fish, pets, wildlife, plants & children.

250 ml treats 1000 gallons

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
CG250AquaHydrotech Chlorine Guard 250 ml5.95 Add to Cart
CG25AquaHydrotech Chlorine Guard 2.5 L26.95 Add to Cart