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Black Pond Skimmer Guards

Black Pond Skimmer GuardsHave you ever had your favourite Koi badly damaged or even die as a result from its injuries due to it getting stuck in your skimmer, and then having to place a bit of mesh or similar in front only to find the skimmer is not as efficient.

Well we have, which has led to us to embark on designing and manufacturing something to cure the problem, and here it is the one that really works.

This virtually eliminates water tension on any bar on or near the water level allowing free passage of all surface debris. Anything vertical or horizontal will always prevent total skimming.

The guard itself is manufactured from plastic and completely at home in both fresh and salt water and will safeguard your fish for many years to come.

All the edges of the guard are polished and honed to an ultra smooth finish It is so simple to fit and takes just a couple of minutes.

All You need to do is remove two of the existing stainless steel screws, offer the guard to the opening and replace the two screws. Its that easy!

Absolute Koi are sure you will agree a very small price to pay to insure the Safety and health of you favourite koi, and not to find it Damaged or Stuck in your skimmer Available for the Standard and Wide Mouth skimmers.
Item # Description Price Add to Cart
SK206Black Standard Pond Skimmer Guard22.95 Add to Cart
SK207Black Wide Mouth Pond Skimmer Guard28.95 Add to Cart