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Water Testing >> Hanna Continuous Reading >> Hanna pH Pronto (Waterproof Continuous Monitoring pH Meter)

Hanna pH Pronto (Waterproof Continuous Monitoring pH Meter)  PDF File for Hanna pH Pronto (Waterproof Continuous Monitoring pH Meter)

Hanna pH Pronto (Waterproof Continuous Monitoring pH Meter)

The pH Pronto is a waterproof pH meter with a built-in digital LCD.The meter is supplied with a double-junction, plastic body, gel-filled pH electrode with a 2m cable and a BNC connector, which is protected by a waterproof sheath when fitted to the meter.
The electrode has a unique clogging-resistant Teflon diaphragm. One setpoint can be selected in the 3 to 11 pH range as an alarm point. A red LED warns the user in the event the reading falls outside this setpoint by more than ± 0.5 pH.

Calibration can be performed manually at 1 or 2 points using pH buffer 4 and 7 solutions.

With its IP67 and NEMA 4 protection, the meter fits well in outdoor installations and high humidity environmnents.The casing has also been specially designed to give maximum stability and prevent rolling from any surface. In addition,the moulded hook allows the meter to be easily installed on a wall and close to the Aquarium itself. The 12 VDC power supply is ideal for continuous monitoring over extended periods of time. The meter uses a 12 volt power source which can be from a car battery or similar, or from the mains using a 12volt transformer which is included in the price of the instrument.

Some of pH Pronto's outstanding features include:

  • Large and easy to read LCD
  • External 12 VDC power supply for continuous monitoring
  • Clogging-resistant pH electrode with differential input
  • Selectable setpoint and LED Alarm
  • One or Two point calibration
  • IP 67 and NEMA 4 protection enclosure
  • Moulded hook for easy and quick wall installation
  • Connectors protected with waterproof sheath

Highly Recommended Accessories

A box of 10 sachets. 5 of pH 4.01 buffer solution and 5 of pH 7.01 buffer solution. Each sachet contains 20ml of solution and can be used to calibrate any of our pocket meter range, or any pH meter with a conventional pH electrode.

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
HI981402pH Pronto (Waterproof Continuous Monitoring pH Meter)104.95 Add to Cart
HI77400PHanna Calibration Solution pH 4.01 & 7.01 (5 x 20ml of each)19.95 Add to Cart
HI1286Replacement pH electrode84.95 Add to Cart