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Koi Poster Number 1  PDF File for Koi Poster Number 1

Koi Poster Number 1

If you want to get familiar with all the koi varieties, then these 3 High Quality Koi Posters showing 126 varieties of Koi are an absolute must, the Koi Posters come laminated and will last you many years.

These koi posters will grace any fish house, you could even frame them if you really wanted to, sizes are 98cm x 69cm and also we now stock an A4 size 30 cm x 21 cm. The koi Variety names are in English and Japanese.

These Koi posters show 42 koi varieties on each koi poster.

Identify your koi speedily and easily with these high quality koi posters, they will give you quick and easy reference to identifying the koi in your pond.

Click on the pdf above to have a closer look.

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
POS201Koi Poster 1 (98 cm x 69 cm) A227.95 Add to Cart
POS101Koi Poster 1 (30 cm x 21 cm) A47.95 Add to Cart