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Secoh EL Twin Series Air Pumps

Secoh EL Twin Series Air Pumps

Secoh Air pumps have a well-deserved reputation as top quality pond air pumps. Secoh Air pumps have established themselves as the number one choice with many experienced keepers of Koi.

Secoh Air pumps are made in Japan and are of excellent quality, represent real value for money and will give years of trouble free service. Waterproof and very quiet and proven to be the most powerful air pumps available today.  For example the Secoh 100 Air Pump actually produces 145 lpm of air, and the 40 produces 60 lpm.  Secoh Air pumps have won 'best pump' in just about every independent review of air pumps to date! 

Not only are the Secoh air pumps extremely powerful and reliable they have the big advantage of having a rainproof cover that makes them easier to install than many other Pond air pumps.
Secoh Air pumps are specifically designed for use with larger Koi ponds, where the ability to pump to a good depth, with several air stones or Aerated Bottom Drain is important, they are well made and good value for money.

  • Oil free
  • Silent operation
  • Robust design
  • Low Maintenance - Just occasional filter change necessary
  • Long life expectancy - Up to 35,000 hrs
  • Rainproof enclosure - Conforms to UL1450
  • 12 month warranty

One more thing we would recommend that a Pressure Relief Valve be used with these pumps to avoid over pressurisation and damaging your Air Pump.

 UnitsSecoh EL-120W Secoh EL-200W Secoh EL-250W 
Optimal Pressure   bar 0.25 0.25 0.25
Open Flow  l/min 225 310 390
Voltage VAC   230 230 230 
Power Consumption  Watt 131 237 270
Frequency Hz 50 50 50
Sound Level db(A) 39 43 45
Dimensions L x W x H mm 268x357x228 268x357x228 268x357x228


27 27 27
Net Weight kg 16 16 16

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
EL120WSecoh EL 120 W Twin Series Air Pump385.00 Add to Cart
EL150WSecoh EL 150 W Twin Series Air Pump425.00 Add to Cart
EL200WSecoh EL 200 W Twin Series Air Pump475.00 Add to Cart
EL250WSecoh EL 250 W Twin Series Air Pump675.00 Add to Cart
EL300WSecoh EL 300 W Twin Series Air Pump725.00 Add to Cart
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