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Kusuri Fluke M

Kusuri Fluke M is a Flubendazole based medication to eradicate gill flukes and body flukes. 65g treats 5500 gallons as a one-off treatment.

For use with all cold water ornamental fish. This medication has a three year shelf life ......


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Nexus and Eazy Pod Offer
For the entire month of May 2007, all Nexus and Eazy Pods that are purchased will include a FREE De-Tox 12" De-Chlorinator

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Dab Nova Submersible Pumps

The Dab Nova range of submersible Pumps have been designed for use in Drainage and Waste Water aplications

The Dab Nova 600A submersible pump comes with a floater with 3520 gph with head up to 10.2 metres. The Dab Nova 600A submersible pump is designed mainly for automatically operated fixed applications in domestic use, draining basements and garages which are subject to flooding.

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Kusuri Eco Active

Kusuri Eco Active is a Non-toxic, chemical free treatment for reduction of pathogenic bacteria in a pond.

Eco Active stands for Ecologically-friendly Active ingredients.

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Featured Products

Oase BioTec Premium 80000...
Oase BioTec Premium 80000 EGC

The next evolution of the drum, OASE filter technolog...

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ProfiDrum Eco 45/40 Drum ...
ProfiDrum Eco 45/40 Drum Filters

Profidrum Eco Drum Filters are state of the art fully...

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Flexible Koi Bowls
Flexible Koi Bowls

These Collapsible Flexi bowls are made from a Blue waterproof fabric, which are ideal for temporary viewing...

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AQUA PRO 450 (Reverse Osm...
AQUA PRO 450 (Reverse Osmosis Unit 450 US Gallon Per Day Rated RO System)

AQUA PRO 450...

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Shinsuke Mineral Plus
 Shinsuke Mineral Plus

Shinsuke Mineral Plus is our new product, developed on our Shinsuke Koi product concept, “Making k...

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Introducing our very own skimmer, The Ultraskim is the latest and probably the newest design on the koi mar...

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Superfish HighFlow 20000 ...
Superfish HighFlow 20000 Pump

The Superfish HighFlow 20000 pump is a professional water pump for the pond with a need for a very high wa...

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ProfiDrum Drum Filters
ProfiDrum Drum Filters Welcome to ProfiDrum

ProfiDrum is the result of constant development and production of innovative p...
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